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Santorini is the most scenic island of Cyclades. It is a unique place due to its volcano and its magnificent landscape.
My review about Cliffside Suites on Santorini is the following: The hotel is peerless, the staff are very complaisant and extrovert. It was all very professional and the food was gorgeous we went traditional and had a Greek meze. Can't wait to come back.

Cliffside Suites and Santorini Palace, hotel Santorini Palace consists of 23 free-standing houses and is set within 10 minutes walking distance from the center of Fira town.

My review about Kirini Hotel on Santorini is the following: We've just got back from this paradisiacal island, where we had a resplendedt fortnihgt vacation. We booked a Senoir suite, which was charmingly fitted out with perfect amenities. The suite was tide as it was cleaned daily. Lefty and his staff are simply amazing. They don't use the word No. We were amazed till fingertips!!

Golden Sunset Villas is set on a precipitous cliff , close to Oia village, and within 30 minutes from Santorini International Airport and Athinios port.

Nikos Villas 4* is ideally located within 100 m from the centre with all its restaurants, shops and bars.

I have travel by ferry from Athens to Santorini Volcano View Hotel Fira and thinks about Led Zeppelin.
Led Zeppelin is my friend's favorite rock band. I have decided to make him a surprise writing a couple of good words about this band.
As we know (maybe not every one of us though), the band was created by the guitarist Jimmy Page and in 1969 the band's first disk was released.
Last year we both were lucky to see the Led Zeppelin with our own eyes.
I came to a thought that there are many rock bands in the history of music however the bands of such a scale like Led Zeppelin are very few. This band influenced not only hard rock or heavy metal but all the genres of modern music because the art of LZ was very diverse, multidimensional, and bearing in itself huge potential opportunities and ideas.

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