Dubai - population

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Dubai people

It is an absolute mystery! Surely I did not manage to talk to them - they are sitting in the 5 star hotels and negotiate with the guest businessmen and decide how much they can get from these businessmen as no business can exist here without participation of local people. They rush in their luxurious cars around the city - and what else can they do if the fuel is so cheap, cars are even cheaper - Japan sells its cars at the prime cost - no taxes and all the conditions for life? Moreover, no trucks impede outside of the city - they just drive the parallel road - camels do not jump under the wheels - there is a fence along the road - and why should they? They live probably even better than locals do and go out of the buildings to gape at the tourists.
Local men are holding mobile phones in hands, seemingly like children they simply gam! They are walking in the shopping centres - they really need to throw away the money of their plentiful salaries!

It is not recommended to make photos with the locals - who knows what they can tell to the policeman? And they are in minority in comparison with the guest of this country.
It is very interesting to oversee the local men who are prohibited to drink and who come to luxury hotels and taste different drinks, that they can't allow themselves... just like children.
Their attitude towards the children and their up-bringing is very interesting but it is already another topic .....

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