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Paphos town occupies the south-western part of the island, washed by the Mediterranean Sea. Paphos is not just a tourist center but also an industrial and agricultural town. The Turkish fort gives to the surrounding area an old charm and it also serves fishing and sport boats. There are British colonial buildings and other ancient edifices, dating back to the 19-th century.
My review about Kissos Hotel in Paphos is the following: We had booked the Kissos hotel independently of the internet on half board package. We felt we had value for money as the service and food where fine, you do have to pay for some extras such as tea and coffee in your room everyday and milkshakes for the kids even though ice cream and milk is free.

Kissos Hotel 3* Paphos
Kissos Hotel is an irreproachable complex composed of pretty eye-smoothing cottages. The cleanliness and accuracy is one of the good features of the resort.

Paphos Aloe hotel

Leptos Kamares Village 3* Paphos
Leptos Kamares Village is a lovely secluded accommodation rich in serene and picturesque spots. It is at a distance of 3 miles from the Paphos downtown.

Paphian Bay Hotel 3* Paphos
In front of the Paphian Bay Hotel there is a good golden sandy beach. The place is always frequented by a lot of tourists.

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