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Paphos town occupies the south-western part of the island, washed by the Mediterranean Sea. Paphos is not just a tourist center but also an industrial and agricultural town. The Turkish fort gives to the surrounding area an old charm and it also serves fishing and sport boats. There are British colonial buildings and other ancient edifices, dating back to the 19-th century.
My review about Laura Beach Hotel in Paphos is the following: Just arrived home from a week holiday at Ledra hotel. We booked a last minute holiday and did not know what hotel we were going to. When we arrived at the hotel the front desk staff were very extrovert. The food was delicious but sometimes not hot enough, I am vegetarian and there was plenty to choose from.

Laura Beach Hotel 4* Paphos
Laura Beach Hotel is a modern fornt-rank resort placed near some poits of interest. There guests will have a decent choce of accommodations.

Ledra Beach Hotel 4* Paphos
Ledra Beach Hotel, situated on the west coastline, enjoys a great view over the endless sea waters. This is a good place to enjoy carefree recreation.

Paphos Amathus hotel

Pioneer Beach Hotel 4* Paphos
Pioneer Beach Hotel features a thriving and sumptuous holiday point of destination envelopped in luxuriant greenery.

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