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Paphos town occupies the south-western part of the island, washed by the Mediterranean Sea. Paphos is not just a tourist center but also an industrial and agricultural town. The Turkish fort gives to the surrounding area an old charm and it also serves fishing and sport boats. There are British colonial buildings and other ancient edifices, dating back to the 19-th century.
My review about Crown Resort Horizon (Coral Bay) in Paphos is the following: At this hotel four of us (adults) stayed for a week, one being disabled. We found every area to be exelently clean and comfortable. The restraunt was 5*, the food was good with plenty of choices. My bed was hard when I mentioned to reception they provided us with a topping for the mattres which was comfortable.

Crown Resort Horizont (Coral Bay) 4* Paphos
Crown Resort Horizon(Coral Bay) is located in an alluring area of Coral Bay. The area nearby the resort acrawls in various entertaining and dining spots as bars, restaurants and shops.

Imperial Hotel Paphos

Cypria Maris Hotel 4* Paphos
Cypria Maris Hotel features comfortable and luxurious accommodations worth of a higher rating. The resort is literally plunged in lush verdure.

Imperial Hotel 4* Paphos
Facing the impeccable sea, the thriving Imperial Hotel creates perfect conditions for its vacationers. The personnel there is well-trained and very experienced there, nearly foreseeing the guests' requirements.

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