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Paphos town occupies the south-western part of the island, washed by the Mediterranean Sea. Paphos is not just a tourist center but also an industrial and agricultural town. The Turkish fort gives to the surrounding area an old charm and it also serves fishing and sport boats. There are British colonial buildings and other ancient edifices, dating back to the 19-th century.
Paphos Riu Cypria Bay Hotel

My review about Alexander The Great Hotel in Paphos is the following: Service generally within the hotel is quite good and what you would expect of a 4 star hotel with the maid often coming again during the evening to freshen up the room while you are out remaking the bed and tidying up the bathroom. The staff are polite and extrovert.

Alexander The Great Hotel 4* Paphos
Alexander The Great is a modern hotel nestled on the beach unveiling nice views over the Paphos harbour. The hotel offers good conditions for a careless rest.

Aloe Hotel 4* Paphos
Aloe Hotel is a hospitable and decent abode for perfect vacation. It is established in the Kato Paphos tourist area.

Ascos Coral Beach Hotel 4* Paphos
Ascos Coral Beach Hotel is destined only for adult persons and not for families with children. It operates from middle of spring to the mid of autumn.

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