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Paphos town occupies the south-western part of the island, washed by the Mediterranean Sea. Paphos is not just a tourist center but also an industrial and agricultural town. The Turkish fort gives to the surrounding area an old charm and it also serves fishing and sport boats. There are British colonial buildings and other ancient edifices, dating back to the 19-th century.
My review about Almyra ex. Paphos Beach Hotel in Paphos is the following: We went to the Almyra in early August and the hotel itself was very impressive. The staff are generally very amiable and cheery, always wishing us a Good Morning as we made our way to breakfast. The food and views from both the terrace restaurant and the beach mezze restaurant were excellent.

Paphos beach Annabelle Hotel

Almyra ex. Paphos Beach Hotel 5* Paphos
Almyra ex. Paphos Beach Hotel is burried in its own lush gardens offering its visitors perfect shade from the torrid weather. It is a splendid venue absolutely suitable for demanding guests.

Annabelle Hotel 5* Paphos
Annabelle Hotel is a tony, refined and extremelly fascinating retreat. Its service and high quality standard won't let you indifferent.

Azia Beach Hotel 5* Paphos
Azia Beach Hotel is a mesmerizing holiday establishment featuring world class standards. The atmosphere is stupendous and the gardens are of brilliant splendour.