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On Dubai's quay there will be a house-wheel.
The house will become a component of a super-project Dubai Promenade. For building the Nakheel developer-company, will create an artificial peninsula. For this purpose 750 thousand tons of stones and 650 thousand cubic meters of sand are used.
Dubai Promenade will be situated between a coastal line and a complex of buildings Dubai Marina, and will adjoin to Dubai International Marine Club.
Besides commercial and residential buildings, cafes, restaurants and trading areas, Dubai Promenade will have its own seascape with a mooring with 60 places.
The hotel of a premium class in the form of a wheel which will decorate a coastal line of Dubai will becomes a complex's highlight. The complex is calculated on 10 thousand persons. Building started in the first quarter of 2008.
It looks like everybody in Dubai has simply gone mad on building!

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