London - Impressions


Why is this world so unfair created? Everyday thousands of people die because lack of water when the rich ones spend millions on yachts and villas. Why it is not possible for all of us to live in places like Japan or Dubai? There is not poverty, beggars or starvation.
Though a lot of interesting things are written about Dubai. I will believe them only after visiting it myself. There must be some drawbacks even in this place, the strange thing is that nobody writes about them, for example in Japan you can always be the witness of an earthquake. Citizens of this country have to wear a special bag with all necessary things that will help them survive in case of such danger, not all of them are wearing it but all are afraid of being in the situation of needing it. This I was told by one of my friends Mathew from London, that's why I believe that everywhere can happen both positive and negative things, this is what our life consists of, for being able to go through is necessary to find the balance between good and bad. My friend Adin work in Ambassadors Hotel Kensington London and can find this balance, possible he will become a monk when will get old. I do not manage to do this because I do not strive to live completely balanced and reasonable, I know that if I could trully believe in what I want, my life would be different from now.

London center view

Caesar Hotel Hyde Hotel