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Larnaca is a modern and sympathetic touristic town, named in the former times Kition. This is a peaceful port city with the International Airport in the district. The nice coastline strewed with palm-trees is abounding in various shops, restaurants, taverns and bars. It is a good destination to explore the central and eastern part of the Cyprus Island.
My review about Henipa Hotel in Larnaca is the following: Henipa is a great resort with affecting aspect. I live in Cyprus and always spend a week relaxing here in the summer... Entertainment is excellent and as I remember they have one night of Traditional Music with Dance, a Comical Night and so on. The food is good but you can always eat out, prices are reasonably cheap compared with the national average so I can assure you that you arn't being ripped off...

Henipa Hotel 3* Larnaca
Henipa Hotel is located in a prestigious place in Larnaca. The hotel is clean, stylish and well-appointed and is suitable for demanding guests.

Larnaca town

Karpasiana Hotel 3* Larnaca
The wonderful Karpasiana Hotel is a real treat. The smooth sea with its sport activities is just near at hand.

Amorgos Hotel 2* Larnaca
Amorgos Hotel invites you to have a memorable recreation for reasonable rates. You will find it in the very heart of the town.