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Larnaca is a modern and sympathetic touristic town, named in the former times Kition. This is a peaceful port city with the International Airport in the district. The nice coastline strewed with palm-trees is abounding in various shops, restaurants, taverns and bars. It is a good destination to explore the central and eastern part of the Cyprus Island.
My review about Beau Rivage Hotel in Larnaca is the following: Enjoyed a fantastic five days vacation at Beau Rivage. The hotel is pretty much what you'd expect from a three star one. Our unit was small and a little shabby, albeit neat. The staff were moderately helpful and pleasant. The absolute delight at this hotel is the pool.

Beau Rivage Hotel 3* Larnaca
Beau Rivage Hotel is slightly distant from the center of the town, about 7 km. There you can find everything you want regarding dining, shopping and entertaining.

Larnaca beach hotels

Faros Holiday Village Hotel 3* Larnaca
Faros Holiday Village Hotel is settled on a slight altitude. The place is wonderful and pleasant. The employees are experienced and benevolent.

Flamingo Beach Hotel 3* Larnaca
The tony Flamingo Beach Hotel is well-appointed with good amenities. The tourquoise blue sea can be admired from the balcony.