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Larnaca is a modern and sympathetic touristic town, named in the former times Kition. This is a peaceful port city with the International Airport in the district. The nice coastline strewed with palm-trees is abounding in various shops, restaurants, taverns and bars. It is a good destination to explore the central and eastern part of the Cyprus Island.
My review about Golden Bay Hotel in Larnaca is the following: This irresistible hotel was very charming and accommodating. I was ravished with the beautyfully bedecked pool area. The staff at the reception promptly checked us in and we could relax in our room after a wearying trip. We had a pool and sea view room and it was amazing.

Golden Bay Hotel 5* Larnaca
Golden Bay is a bang up hotel stylishly designed and imbued with resplended greenery. The panoramic scenery of the azure sea is easily seen from the hotel's room.

Larnaca town hotel

Lordos Beach Hotel 4* Larnaca
The front-rank Lordos Beach Hotel is a superb venue for recreating with joy and get satisfaction. On the beach there are plenty of water sport facilities.

Palm Beach Hotel 4* Larnaca
Palm Beach Hotel is proud of its high quality service. It offers commodious and well-equipped accommodations for every guest.