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Dubai hotels

Well, it is impossible to express your oppinion on all the hotels - I did not manage to visit them all - I am no millionaire:))

The thing that caught my eyes is that there are no cheap hotels.... seemingly locals think that everybody on the earth is rich like they are.

Hotels are situated both in the very city and on the coast - it is to you taste what kind of rest to have. And new hotels are constantly erected. You will not see elsewhere so many Meridien hotels. And here is the most expensive and luxury 7 star hotel, even to enter it to have a look will cost you great money! In the city the hotels are staying on the both coasts of the Gulf. You will be pleased to se here plenty of old boats with tourists. One side of the Gulf is occupied with the museum and the opposite one is busy with the modern buildings - Local Telephone Company, bank and two Tower blocks with the Rolex Emblem on the top.
The most interesting things in the hotels are restaurants - the only thing I did not manage to taste here is the local cuisine and looking at the museums' showpieces - God blessed me!
The main impression of the hotel fully depends on the staff and as mostly entrants from India work here - you may have different impressions if even the hotel is 4 star - seemingly everything depends on the owner of the hotel , on what he demands from his employees.
As we think the best hotels in Dubai are Oasis Beach Hotel and of course famous Jumeirah Beach Hotel. Jumeirah Beach Hotel has the Water Park on its territory so it is a very good hotel for the families with children.
The most important thing not to spoil your holidays is to find out if there are no construction sites as it is in favour here. Appearingly Indians like working days and nights as well when the air is a bit more fresh!

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the most expensive hotel

a great constraction work - tens of buildings - is on near the Royal Meridien Hotel