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Dubai - unique comments

The history of Dubai is not a collection of past events, but something that happens today. Only two centuries ago the city experienced the British Empire's dislike towards its mud hovels, but today Dubai is in its golden age.
Dubai is a country of eastern stories - that is why there are so many tales about this country.

The photo from the right is a fake:))) The crew consists only of 2 persons - these days- with a motor on the boat, you can check it on your own, when you go boating.
Oarsmen are slaves - where are they ??? The democracy was not even in the air then! So the painter obviously overdid it....

There are many things in Emirates to wonder at - history of this country, high level of all - round development, local traditions and custom, everything you see and hear from all quarters.
All wonders of United Arab Emirates development are the result of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan's activity (Abu Dhabi). It was he who united the Emirates and created conditions for the development of all 7 Emirates.

Not many know that Sheikh Zayed succeeed another ruler, who conflicted wih English a lot. The latter leaving this country displaced and exiled him. Thus Sheikh Zayed was appointed to govern the country.
People say, that when leaders of certain neighbouring countries declined Sheikh Zayed's offer to enter the United Arab Emirates - they disspareared .... as a saying says - The end justifies the means.

He died at the age of 86 years old, 2 November 2004.
On the left of the road to Abu-Dhabi a table-tomb for Sheikh Zayed was erected.
The Locals called him "Father" and respected him a lot.

He really deserves this!
He has not only united the country, but also built houses for its citizens and abolished taxpaying!
Who could dream of it? :)))

Thanks to Sheikh Rashid and his efforts the city Dubai obtained its fame.
Not knowing this historical feature one cannot understand and get inspired with that miracle, known today as the Emirates.

two real black-and-white photos - are certainly one but divided in half photo ...
I decided not to place it whole here - I would have to turn the picture 90 degree, but to lay your monitor sideways - it is quite heavy for it.

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Arab passenger boat - 13th-century

Old Dubai

Khor Dubai

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