Dubai - excursions

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Dubai - excursions

Take all the possible excursions around UAE, you only manage to!

The first reason for doing that is their prices. Even if the journey is long, for example to Indian Ocean - the price for this excursion is very low, because of very cheap fuel.

All the excursions are very interesting. For instance you can enjoy a trip to the mountains that implies bathing in hot thermal sources - only if the water is not very hot. When appearing from under the earth it has 70 C temperature. Cooled enough water gives so much pleasure - besides its oily consistence it brings you vital energy. It brings indescribable feelings and no wish to leave this water.

It is not recommended to swim if you suffer heart disease.

Oasis makes marvelous impressions. It is a great number of palms growing in the middle of the desert without any human's interference. Local's attitude towards oases is very pleasing.

Dubai is home to many breathtaking scenic spots and tourist destinations. Its rich cultural heritage only adds to its attractiveness.
These perhaps are the primary reasons why many travellers often choose to spend their vacations and holidays in this place.

It is only one conclusion - take more excursions!

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