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If you are going to visit Dubai you should know some important things.
Regulations relating to consumption of alcohol have relaxed significantly in last years.
The consumption of alcohol is now legal in pubs, restaurants and clubs that are located in hotels. The sale of alcohol outside the hotels is still prohibited. You should beware from being in a state of intoxication in public areas.

The desalinated sea water that comes out of the taps in Dubai is safe to drink, but doesn't taste wonderful, so you can purchase bottled water.

You should hold back from taking pictures of goverment buildings, places, army areas and Arabic women. If you are swim lover you should know that the gulf's water is not excellent. There are a lot of constructions and buildings right in the water. The sea water is actively desalinated to use, but the residual salt is moved again into the sea. So the water itsef is very salted and poor in flora and fauna. That's why if you are fond of diving you will find here nothing interesting!
Dubai spends big money for advertising. This advertising is worldwide. Otherwise they would not attract such huge quantity of tourists. One day the oil in this region will be over and UAE leaders perfectly understand this. That is why tourism branch is developing now. Actually money received from oil is invested in many things and not only inside the country, but also beyond the bounds of it.
It seems to me (IMHO) that the country leaders do not understand that the biggest wealth is people.
Now only USA perfectly understands this and attracts best experts from all over the world for work in their country.
Probably, attraction of the most original intelligent people would be the best investment of money for the country leaders.

Besides of these minuses UAE and Dubai in particular is a very interesting and attractive place to visit.

One of the most unpleasant points is unexpected dust-storms that sometimes spring up from the desert. Strong measures are taken to prevent such invasions: millions of new saplings are planted every year, but the desert is too close indeed and gives its surprises.

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