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Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa is a wonderful recreational center situated on the southern coast of Cyprus Island, well-known for its golden sandy beaches. This nice touristic destination has recently become not just a family holiday venue but a vibrant capital with its entertaining night-life gathering people from all over the world.Ayia Napa town luxury hotel

My review about Piere Anne Beach Hotel in Ayia Napa is the following: We stayed there on a B&B basis and the breakfast every morning was always delightful, although a bit repetitive. We ate in the hotel one night, for the Buffet and it was delicious!

Piere Anne Beach Hotel 3* Ayia Napa
Piere Anne Beach Hotel is a perfect recreational pleasure-dome built on a pretty place. It is not far from the beach and the sea.

Sancta Napa Hotel 3* Ayia Napa
The three-star Sancta Napa Hotel lies on the taking sandy beach close to the fishing harbor. The area arround the hotel is just captivating surrounded by rioutous vegetation.

Stamatia Hotel 3* Ayia Napa
Stamatia Hotel stands right on the beach, allowing you to behold the endless waters of the sea.