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Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa is a wonderful recreational center situated on the southern coast of Cyprus Island, well-known for its golden sandy beaches. This nice touristic destination has recently become not just a family holiday venue but a vibrant capital with its entertaining night-life gathering people from all over the world.

My review about Pavlo Napa Hotel in Ayia Napa is the following: We recently stayed at the Pavlo Napa Beach Hotel and weren't disappointed. We were fully inclusive and the food was varied and plentiful. Pool was cleaned regularly and there was plenty of sunbeds and umbrellas to go around. Staff were very helpful and good.

Pavlo Napa Hotel 4* Ayia Napa
Pavlo Napa Hotel is very charming with its white-washed aspect. It lies right on the nice sandy bay.

Anonymous Beach Hotel 3* Ayia Napa
Anonymous Beach Hotel affords wonderful views over the surrounding area and the nice sandy bay. This is an available hotel with reasonable prices.

Ayia Napa beach Pavlo Napa

Bella Napa Bay Hotel 3* Ayia Napa
Bella Napa Bay Hotel offers nice views over the Ayia Napa Bay and town. The beach and the sea entrance are very comfortable and safe.