Dubai - Impressions

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    Tired of typical information about Dubai? Noticed that every new site only repeats texts and photos of the previous one? Take another try and discover the Emirates!
        Catch the moment!
  Read it until they obliged us to remove this.

    You will find here no single sentence that can be met on the other sites. Here you will find unique comments and reports of Dubai!
        This Column contains rumours and gossips.
This information cannot be proved with real facts and we are not responsible for its content.

   We are aware that some of them are arguable and very different from the official information. We have created this site to meet your needs for real facts or for other tourists opinions.
     If you have impressions to share with the others, remarks and comments on Dubai - we would be glad to get them!

Burj Al Arab is the most expensive hotel in Dubai - uncommon information and unknown facts about it can be found in the section - Hotels

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